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All original ideas is what we aim for but we understand if something works, you don't fix it. We can add to your already developed ideas to make it stand out even more.


No detail is left behind. For us, it's the small stuff that makes the project that much more meaningful.


From scripts to novels, we're apt at bringing stories to life, both on paper and visually.

The directors at Nu Paradigm are integrated in certain art, dance and entertainment worlds and we are able to provide direction in talent sorting and concept building. Our company prides itself in cohabitating in these urban art worlds, through a life-long occupancy and therefore we have access to talent most people will not know about. Everyone can look up viral talent, but that does not reflect the best by any means. So, we are able to dip into these worlds to provide unique visions that are contoured to client’s specifications. Let us do all the creative directing and your project will shine!

"The Rebirth of Kool" - the Novel

Our latest project is our director's novel, "The Rebirth of Kool." A Pachuco named Kool gave up a life of bootlegging to open a Jazz nightclub in East Los Angeles. But his dream was short-lived. An event dubbed "The Zoot Suit Riots" would change his world forever. This novel was highlighted by Amazon Books with the Top 50 new releases.