Our Vision

We are a creative company that provides entertainment, education and creative content for theater shows, film productions, special events, commercials, college residencies, lectures, workshops and more. All of our creative content is original with facts and research to back it up. Our unique way of blending the old with the new, is what sets up apart. We want to create a new paradigm for artist such as ourselves, to achieve success with our theories and teachings.

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The Team

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Otto (Aquaboogy) Vazquez

Prolific entertainer with over twenty years of experience in a theater, film and education world.

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Jessica (GoldieLox) Vazquez

Artist, dancer and performer, her recent appearance was on BET “American Soul” playing the role of “Robyn,” depicting Toni Basil from the Original Lockers on Soul Train.

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Kelvin (Puzzall) Green

Performer, teacher and rising star within his own ranks, Puzzall has been with the company for four years. He teaches within the communities of eastern North Carolina and is an active role-model for his students.