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Virtual Hip Hop Dance Camp

Join us this summer for our Virtual Hip Hop Dance Camp. Our first camp was a huge hit and as we prepared for this year, we decided to take things online. The camp is open to the ages of eight and up. The styles we’ll be teaching are: Popping with Otto Aquaboogy, Locking with Jessica aka GoldieLox, Classic Hip Hop with Kelvin aka Puzzall, New School Hip Hop with Bernadine and Breaking with Tahu.  The course runs for a week only two hours a day. Our participants will learn the foundation of each style and choreography to perform at the end of the week.

Years of Experience

We have over twenty years in the industry from theater, Off Broadway tours, College residencies to workshops, commercial work, film production and more.

Best in the South

There's no one in this region that can give you the knowledge and skills to take your career to the next level. Because of our twenty plus years in the industry, we have tips and tricks that will perfect your style in becoming a performing artist, actor, touring musician, or a team mascot, our theories work for all careers.


We are a band of story-tellers and our products are a union of different mediums to give the audience a vision that is original and thought-provoking. From our concept videos, films, plays to our theatrical dance productions, we believe in including lessons in all our productions, so all of our works resonate with a substance that is more than eye and ear candy. But we bring the eye and ear candy too by collaborating with award-winning musicians, talent and cinematographers. Preview our latest projects!


Our Nu Paradigm Edu Department is the brainchild of our director Otto (Aquaboogy) Vazquez who’s curriculum has been featured in some of the country’s most noteworthy dance programs and festivals. We operate on the premise that every student has a different pathway to learning and our curriculum is based on cutting edge, time tested concepts and adaptability that encourages the student's natural talents. We believe learning is a path to self-discovery and not forcing every student into a cookie-cutter way of learning.

Creative Content

The directors at Nu Paradigm are integrated in certain art, dance and entertainment worlds and we are able to provide direction in talent sorting and concept building. Our company prides itself in cohabitating in these urban art worlds, through a life-long occupancy and therefore we have access to talent most people will not know about. Everyone can look up viral talent, but that does not reflect the best by any means. So, we are able to dip into these worlds to provide unique visions that are contoured to client’s specifications. Let us do all the creative directing and your project will shine!

Our Motto

A union of yesterday and today. By combining the best of yesterday and today, we wish to inspire with new visions. This is our Paradigm.

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